markdown-gen (Readable Human Format)

Getting started

How to generate markdown with

download Red console (1 Mb only)

Go to, download and install
Strongly advised: install VScode and Red extension for syntax highlighting.

generate markdown or html (more in the future with plugins architecture)

- Write your content in Readable Human Format in a file (use .red extension)  and type at the end:     
    markdown-gen; or html-gen
- Run the script (right-click in VSCode or double-click your .red file)
- Your markdown is generated within the same directory

- for more explanation see getting started.

Website End User Requirements Specifications

Readable Human Format 

The ReAdABLE Human Format aims at Agile Documentation by making WRITING and READING document easier for End User and Developer alike, while allowing a high degree of flexibility.

Its primary goal is to generate Markdown (and conversion to other formats in the future) while being even simpler (less code to memorize) and richer - adding meta-data is straightforward and creating new semantics is easy.

For example, this very website could have a requirements specification initiated by a developper and afterwards iteratively refined by an end user in Readable Human Format. This latter can then be easily processed to do code generation of all html / css / json files by extending the core api (developer's extensibility documentation is among the roadmap's top priorities). All these will hugely contribute both to faster software development life cycle and higher quality.

Collaboration timeline

a potential scenario

Phase 1: quick html template

In the first phase, after discussing with a business user, a web designer can elaborate a quick html template. Him or a project manage can then prepare a requirements specification skeleton in Human Readable Format.

Phase 2: componentization

In second phase, the webdesigner would componentize its html template and a developer would create a custom api by extending the Readable core API. This phase is not mandatory but will hugely improve quality and productivity of all participants including the Business user.

Phase 3: iterations of requirements specification and html design back and forth

Business User can then collaborate with Webdesigner quickly either in real time or - like in many big organizations - in differed time. In that latter case, a developer could craft a Readable script - using the extensibility mechanism - which can be compiled and can be given to the end user to autonomously experiment several html designs just by changing the Readable Human Format document. 

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